Marius Hauken is a designer and partner at Stacc X, Bergen Norway.

Iterate over a color array with help of a modulo operation

A quick little tip if you are using Styled Components in React and want to iterate over a color-array and make sure that you start over if you reach the bottom

7 tips for visiting Lisbon with kids

We went to Lisbon for a week this summer with our two year old. Here are a few tips if you’re travelling to Lisbon with a toddler (a couple of them work without a child as well).

Dual design

How codesigning is changing our workflow

Microinteractions - the secret ingredient

Microinteractions are moments of delightful experiences or useful feedbacks helping the user accomplishing their task. These micro-moments are what guides the users through a flow in an effective and intuitive way.

How to combine pdf files from terminal

A quick guide for merging multiple pdfs to one in terminal