Why GitHub codespaces is the future!

GitHub codespaces makes an instant dev environment available wherever you want. This is why codespaces is the future of development:

Faster setup

No more endless debugging to get started on a new (existing) project or environment.

True remote anywhere

You don’t longer need a computer — just the availability of a browser.

OS won’t matter anymore

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome Os ++. Work on your favorite OS - switch whenever you feel like it.

Code sharing and debugging

You can have other people look into your environment. Goodbye, “it works on my computer”!

Open source growing

Easier to get up and running on open source projects and contribute.


Previously we learned from view source in our browsers. Now we’ll learn from running actual source code in our browsers.

More specialization

You don’t need to get into the nitty-gritty parts of setups (Webpack / Sass / Docker ++) There will be defaults for that. Focus on what you are (becoming) an expert on.

Good artist copy, great artists fork

Forking projects and expanding them will become more accessible. It’s going to be faster to start a fork than from scratch.


Environments that aren’t supported by GitHub codespaces will feel obsolete. Developer experience is essential! Why work with languages that need days to set up when you are up and running in minutes on codespaces?