Layering makes you dangerous

This untold career strategy will make you stand out from the crowd.
Here’s how to make yourself indispensable:

If you want success, you have two strategies:

  1. Become the best in the world at one specific thing
  2. Become the top 25% at two (or more) things

The first path is very hard. The second one is doable with some effort.

By combining skills you get more unique — and valuable!

Some skills are meta-skills that always will enhance your other skills:

  • Communication (writing/presenting/marketing)
  • Leadership
  • Technical
  • Business

One of your skills should always be at least one of these layers.

Capitalism rewards things that are both unique and helpful. The more layers you add, the rarer and more valuable you will become. It is hard to find a successful person without multiple layers.

I first heard about this concept from Scott Adams, and have since thought about how to apply it to my career. My layers currently are:

  • Designer
  • (Front of the) Front-end developer
  • Fintech expert
  • Writer (Working on this)

Which layers do you have? Which layers are you working on?