7 tips for visiting Lisbon with kids

We went to Lisbon for a week this summer with our two year old. Here are a few tips if you’re travelling to Lisbon with a toddler. A couple of the tips works rather well without a child as well.

1. Bring a good stroller.

The streets here wreck havock on your stroller. It’s bumpy and the curbs are small. Especially in the old town. We had our Ergobaby 360 with us to carry her, but we also needed a stroller for her afternoon nap. I wish we had brought one with larger wheels.

2. Parque Recreativo do Alvito

A large and lovely playground right outside the city. Lots of slides and great climbs for our daughter.

Parque Recreativo do Alto da Serafina also seems like a similar, great place.

3. Swimming

Lisboa don’t seem like the best place for swimming to be honest. The beach is at least a half hour train ride away. So if you are staying with a toddler in the summer heat I would recommend a hotel or apartment with a swimming pool.

4. Gelato Davvero

This was a nice break in the summer heat. Fantastic gelado and a fun interior with a slide for the smaller (and bigger) ones.

5. LX factory

A surprisingly nice shopping/creative area worth a visit. Maybe not the most child friendly, but a lot of gret places to buy food and icecream or relax when the little one takes a nap.

6. Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações is a newer part of Lisboa located in the north. There are nice green-areas, playgrounds and a lot of public art and fountains to play in. Our little one especially loved the water sculpture right outside of Oceaneário de Lisboa, the local aquarium. She even enjoyed it more than the visit we had to the aquarium.

7. Transportation

It’s quite easy to travel around in Lisbon. All you need is a via viagem card. They are sold on every train and metro station. To get around just use Google maps that have all the suggestions for how to get around and possible connecting busses and trams.

(8.) Pistola y Corazon

Ok. Maybe not the most child-friendly place. No babyseats or anything. Just benches and tequila. But they had really good taco!