7 things learned from publishing over 100 newsletters

I just wrote my 100th newsletter.
100 weeks. 100 mistakes.
7 things I wish I knew before I started:

1. Deadlines are crucial

Without a weekly deadline, I wouldn’t have published anything. It keeps me accountable, and people nag me if I don’t post on time. Lesson: Set deadlines to make things urgent

2. Consistency is key

A weekly cadence creates a habit of writing and sharing. By checking off the box every week, I am slowly getting better, and it gets easier to write. Lesson: Habits are essential to get better!

3. Growth will be slow if you have a newsletter in a vacuum

I have written the newsletter by itself and just sent it out to readers. Growth is hard without an initial audience or referral program. Lesson: Have a plan for marketing and distribution. Twitter is a powerful funnel!

4. You never know what readers will appreciate

It has been impossible to predict the outcome of each newsletter. Some issues are wildly popular, but I can’t find any patterns. Lesson: You might be wrong about what your readers think is interesting! Talk with them!

5. It can be stressful

Writing newsletters take time. You don’t have infinite time, so something else will have to go. For me, it had meant less book reading and relaxation. Lesson: Don’t bother if you aren’t motivated

6. New doors will open

Writing regularly on a topic automatically makes you an authority. Other people might know more but don’t share. This puts you in a spot where people take contact for talks or consulting gigs. Lesson: You never know what doors your next post will open

7. Time is your best friend

I fumbled for a long time to find my pace and topics that resonated with my expertise and audience. The best part: most won’t see the fumbling start since they didn’t follow you! Lesson: Finding your niche might take time, but don’t worry!


  • Set deadlines
  • Consistency is key
  • Have a marketing plan
  • Time is your best friend
  • You won’t know what will resonate
  • Don’t bother if you aren’t motivated
  • Posting regularly will open new doors

(The newsletter in question is about the Nordic fintech scene and the intersection of design and technology.)