Currently I’m still rehabilitating my shoulder after surgery in December because of a shoulder dislocation earlier in 2023. This takes more time than I had expected, but I am progressing nicely with a few degrees more range every week. 😅 On the bright side I’m getting a lot of low zone cardio at my Concept2 BikeErg!


We can’t wait to meet our fifth family member due in May. We’re exploring name options with the help of the soon-to-be big sisters. Their favorite so far is Bagheera 😆


At work I’m currently working on designing an app for a large European bank that operates in multiple countries. Additionally, I lead the design team at Stacc’s project division and work with sales.


In weekends and evenings I also work a lot on:

  • I just launched Pie Menu, a radial menu customized for each app for macOS. I’m currently working on getting the word out there and learning more about SEO.
  • iSecrets: I’ve shared iPhone tips on my Twitter every Saturday for almost two years. iSecrets puts all of these tips together for a daily (automated) mail. Currently I’m working on sending out mail to users that have gotten all the automated mails.