I’m currently working on designing an app for a large European bank that operates in multiple countries. Additionally, I lead the design team at Stacc’s project division and work with sales.

Side Projects

  • I just launched Pie Menu, a radial menu customized for each app for macOS. Next on the roadmap is lifetime subscription + integration with Setapp. I’m currently working on getting the word out there and learning more about SEO.
  • I also launched Hot Corners, a macOS app that lets you launch apps by moving your cursor to the corner of your screen.


I’m currently rehabilitating my shoulder after surgery in December, which was necessary due to a dislocation last year.. My shoulder’s mobility is nearly back to normal, but its strength is only about half that of my other shoulder. I’ve now moved into the phase of focusing on building strength, and I’m really enjoying it!


We just brought a new human into the world! We’re now getting to know her, and so far, she seems like a chill baby who is adjusting well to her role as the youngest with two older sisters.