Stacc X year in review 2021

Daily we design and code things for our clients, but we’re not often as good at sharing what we’ve done during the year. Then it’s nice to take a step back and look at all the projects we’ve delivered and worked on during the year.

This is a blogpost from Stacc X. One of seven teams within the Stacc ecosystem. See what all our products and services.


Working within banking and finance, there is much secrecy involved before launch. These are a few of the projects we have worked on and can talk about this year:

Danske Bank

Last year we launched a new car loan process for Danske Bank. The result is a flow where you can apply for a car loan (and certificate of financing) and upload documentation. We’ve also developed a flexible system for caseworkers and back-office. The launch successfully reached its goal for the year in only four months!

Danske Bank

Nordea Finans

We’re continually working on new solutions for Nordea Finans and their popular dealer and customer portals that handles all communication between Nordea, car dealers and car buyers.  With secure chat, file upload and an easy-to-use case management system, the platform brings all the parties together and simplifies the experience for everyone.

Nordea Finans


We helped Visma Real Estate Solutions take their business system for real estate agencies, Webmegler, into all platforms. Our job consisted of creating a new design system and examples of some of the most used pages. We also interviewed and user-tested the new solution on many real estate agents, continually improving the user experience. This job was made easier because of Covid since everyone suddenly was used to meeting digitally. The first beta version is now slowly released to the first users.



Last year we launched the first version of Spense – a simple solution to get quickly paid for (mainly) the car industry. Their key product is a simple payment flow where customers can choose to pay by bank transfer, card, pay later, or split the invoice, while the creditor gets paid immediately. This payment flow is brandable through an elegant theming system we’ve made for Spense. The whole solution is fully integrated via APIs, but we’ve also made a clean portal for creating orders over the last year.



In April, Stacc acquired Escali Financial Systems, and we got a new sister company specialized in solutions for portfolio-, treasury, and finance management. Based on thorough interviews and user tests, we’ve redesigned Escali Financials to deliver a more consistent experience and better reporting.

Escali Financial Systems

Innovation Norway

The largest project in Stacc at the moment is to digitize the credit process for Innovation Norway. The delivery consists of Stacc BM Analysis, delivered on Flow, Stacc’s cloud platform for process automation, integrated with INs own solutions and third parties. Since this is a real cross-collaboration between all the specialties and departments in Stacc, we also have a few persons working full-time on this project.


After helping Kravia create a more cohesive user experience for their collections software, they wanted to start moving their application from Angular to React. Migrating years of code from one framework to another is never an easy job, especially when you want to be able to keep releasing new features even faster than before.

Instead of doing a ground-up rewrite, we helped Kravia leverage micro-frontends to divide their legacy Angular front-end into small pieces that they could keep running while still writing new features as small React apps.


BNP Paribas

We helped BNP Paribas, Personal Finance analyze their current credit assessment process and created a report and prototype optimizing their flow. The enhanced flow included sketches for both end-users and caseworkers.

BNP Paribas

Secret projects

We’ve also worked a lot on a few projects we can’t wait to show you this year!


Like last year, we’ve turned more towards delivering complete solutions for clients instead of consultants. However, we have some superstars out working in teams with clients: Torleif and Helene have spent most of their year helping Tryg respectively with their client-facing team and a Nordic underwriting project.


Last year we got new offices, and sadly they were too small when we finally got back after working from home. Therefore, we were thrilled when our department got our own space at the end of the year – right before we had to work from home again.

Stacc X office
Great to finally meet up at our new offices when we had the opportunity! (Yes, we have an ice cream freezer)


This year we welcomed a few more amazing people to our team:

Our new full-time employees in 2021!
  • Bjarne Helland started with us in March and has, in a short time, made a huge difference in our projects! He is a full-stack developer with love for Next.js. Bjarne also brews beer, and we’re looking forward to tasting some at our next summer party.
  • Christer Nordnes is our first full-time project manager. He comes from Sbanken, where he was responsible for the securities team. Christer is a photo model in his spare time.
  • Francis Soliman Dyrhovden is a developer with a previous background in the offshore industry. He has worked with us for half a year now and started to make us embrace his taste for PetNat wine.
  • Rein Undheim is a developer we knew even before he started working with us in August due to his active use of Slack the months before! He already loves to complain about design changes and is our live streamer when our e-sport team games.
  • Synnøve Sørensen joined us in August. She had worked 11 years in the oil industry before she chose to join our team as a developer. Synnøve has over 300 parachute jumps!!
  • Øystein Lund Rolland joined us in December after working as a backend developer in Vimond. He is quickly coming back to his roots as a full-stack developer in our team!
  • Erika Hågensen and Johann Bugge are joining us part-time from February, respectively, as UX designer and developer! We’re looking forward to that!
  • You? We’re always on the lookout for new people on our team! We’re in high demand and still looking for more designers and developers. Just send me a message at if that sounds interesting.


Because of the pandemic, most of our regular social activities have been amputated, but luckily we’re able to meet a bit more in 2021 than the year before. We managed to have a small summer party, a disc-golf tournament, a Halloween party, and a Christmas party at Voss.

Stacc X social
Some of our Flow colleagues at our Halloween party | Our summer party | Disc-golf tournament


Our weekly newsletter about finance, technology, and design has passed its #86 edition during the last year, becoming a weekly staple in people’s inboxes. We’re glad for all the great feedback we’re getting!

Last year we also wrote a comment in DN on DNB’s acquisition of Sbanken and the potential consequences that could have, and got interviewed by Kode 24 about how we’ve been using during the pandemic.


We also held a few presentations this year. Stine Neteland presented our strategy for expanding from Bergen to the world for the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She also gave this presentation for our seminar on the Future of Fintech, where Helene Stenstadvold talked about working for Tryg in their Nordic Underwriting program.

We also contributed to ReactJS Bergen by talking about Styled components and how to leverage that for styling your react projects.

We’ve also held a presentation for Uni Micro about what UX is, why it’s important and how you can implement it into your organization. Please reach out if you want us to give a presentation on UX, banking, trends, or technology!

Stacc X presentations
Stine and Henna presenting “fra Bergen til Verden” | Helene presenting Trygs Nordic Underwriting program | Presentation about UX

Thanks to all our clients and partners!

2021 was (also) a strange year, but thanks to our great clients and partners, it has been an exciting year! Now we’re looking forward to continuing to help clients launch new solutions and ideas!

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