The two device solution

How I use multiple devices to boost my productivity and focus:

How I use multiple devices to boost my productivity and focus

We often use the same device for work as we use to relax. What if you thought of your devices as a single-purpose environment for different activities?

  • Computer → Work
  • Tablet → Refine
  • Phone → Relax

This way, you can use your devices to switch contexts. The fresher your eyes, the easier it is to refine and edit. A few examples:


  • Take notes in your notebook (or phone)
  • Write on your computer
  • Edit on your iPad Pro tip: Use different fonts to see the text differently


  • Sketch on paper
  • Design on computer
  • Refine / edit on iPad
How I use iPad to refine my designs


  • Songwriting with an instrument
  • Create on computer
  • Listen to the music on a walk and refine

Switching devices and context is as refreshing as waiting a day between creation and editing. Suddenly it is obvious what to remove or adjust!

Focus on primary task

An additional benefit is that you can set up each of your devices to enable focus for its primary task:

  • Computer → Work apps - no notifications
  • Tablet → Refine - no notifications
  • Phone → Relax - social notifications etc.